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MWF Ultra (October 2008)
Check out this full episode of Millennium Wrestling Federation Internet Television.

Ultra (October 2008)
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Hosted By: Dan Mirade
  • "Future Legend" Luke Robinson vs. Scott Reed
  • Gozman & Sledge Robertson vs. Psycho & Sean Patrick
    Benny Juxx vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
The countdown to SOUL SURVIVOR V is on, kicking off with a big time interview with WWE (and soon to be MWF) Hall Of Famer The Iron Sheik.  Sheiky Baby fires away and shoots hard on Scott Hall, The Berzerker, Ultimate Warrior, his roast from Pennsylvania a few weeks back and much more!  In the ring, Scott Reed looks for a piece of revenge against The Uprising after their violent attack last month when he takes on their newest member "Future Legend" Luke Robinson.  The other 2007 Co-MWF Rookie Of The Year Benny Juxx challenges another of The Uprising's loaded faction, the one and only Slyck Wagner Brown.  Vito Carluccio leads Army members Sledge Robertson & Gozman into war with Sean Patrick & Psycho, news on SSV and more!

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