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WSU Best Of 2008

WSU Best Of 2008
  1. Formation Of The Beatdown Betties (March 8, 2008)
  2. Roxxie Cotton vs. TNA Women's Knockout Champion Awesome Kong (WSU Debut; March 8, 2008)
  3. Mercedes Martinez vs. Mickie Knuckles (March 8, 2008)
  4. TNA Women's Knockout Champion Awesome Kong vs. Amy Lee
    (March 8, 2008)
  5. Triple Threat Match for the WSU Championship:
    Nikki Roxx vs. WSU Champion Sunny vs. Alexa Thatcher (March 21, 2008)
  6. Dawn Marie (WSU Wrestling Debut) vs. Becky Bayless (March 22, 2008)
  7. Becky Bayless vs. Mercedes Martinez (March 22, 2008)
  8. Final Match of the J-Cup Tournament:
    Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez (March 22, 2008)
  9. WSU Championship:
    WSU Champion Nikki Roxx vs. Alexa Thatcher vs. Cindy Rogers (April 20, 2008)
  10. WSU Championship:
    WSU Champion 
    Nikki Roxx vs. Angel Orsini (March 31, 2008)
  11. Angelina Love vs. Portia Perez (June 21, 2008)
  12. WSU Championship:
    WSU Champion A
    ngel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez (June 21, 2008)
  13. Lumberjack Match for the WSU Championship:
    WSU Champion Angel Orsini vs. Portia Perez (August 23, 2008)
  14. Final Match of the WSU Tag Team Championship Tournament:
    Amy Lee & Missy Sampson vs. Beatdown Betties
  15. WSU Championship:
    WSU Champion Angel Orsini vs. Bobcat (October 11, 2008)
  16. Traci Brooks vs. Annie Social (November 29, 2008)
  17. Mercedes Martinez vs. Portia Perez (November 29, 2008)

Bonus Matches:

  1. Kylie Pierce vs. Roxxie Cotton
    (New Horizons Pro Wrestling; March 7, 2009)
  2. Triple Threat Tables, Ladders And Chairs Match for the IndyGurlz Championship:
    Mercedes Martinez vs. IndyGurlz Champion Nikki Roxx vs. Melissa Stripes
    (New Horizons Pro Wrestling; December 15, 2006)

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