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August 2009

"Summer Showdown"
August 28, 2009 (AFW Post 2894 - Fairhaven, MA)
  • Lumberjack Match:
    Alex Payne def. ACW Heavyweight Champion Nero (6:02)
  • Eight Man Elimination Match:
    Redemption was the remaining survivor. (8:45)
    • Order Of Elimination:
      Elimination #1: Kellan Thomas def. Craig Trace via pinfall (2:04)
      Elimination #2: Loco def. Kellan Thomas via pinfall (2:50)
      Elimination #3: "The Prodigy" Mike Majors def. Stryker via pinfall (4:56)
      Elimination #4: Michael Thorne def. Loco via pinfall (6:17)
      Elimination #5: Michael Foster def. Michael Thorne via pinfall (7:17)
      Elimination #6: Redemption def. "The Prodigy" Mike Majors via pinfall (7:29)
      Elimination #7: Redemption def. Michael Foster via pinfall (8:45)

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