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MWF Ultra (August 2009)
Check out this full episode of Millennium Wrestling Federation Internet Television.

Ultra (August 2009)
Hosted By: Dan Mirade & MWF President John Cena, Sr.
Commentators: MWF Commissioner Dr. Brad Von Johnson & Dan Mirade
  • Isis & Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi & ODB
    "The Executioner" Brian Milonas vs. "Big" Rick Fuller

Dan Mirade & MWF President John Cena, Sr. continue a summer of big news and hot action in a month of "Beauties & The Beasts:"

  • Roxxi & ODB face TNA Knockout Awesome Kong & Isis in the first match in the history of John Cena, Sr.'s Fabulous Women Of Wrestling!
  • Ox Baker's executioner Brian Milonas collides with Rick Fuller; for two years, Fuller has been at war with Ox Baker's Army and this time, championship opportunity is on the line!
  • And more!

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