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Individual Matches from EPW Challenge Internet Television Tapings

Here are matches that I officiated during my tenure on Eastern Pro Wrestling's internet television show, "EPW Challenge."


YouTube & Dailymotion Video Player Match Listings:
Most recent video/match to date is first featured (In Chronological Order)
(Full matches on BOTH video players!)

Internet Television Tapings
April 18, 2008
Slamtech Wrestling University - Pawtucket, RI
Dirty Dave vs. Rocco Abruzzi
Jonathan David vs. Nick Westgate
Davey Loomis vs. PC Cruz
Tim Kilgore vs. Brian Nunes
Anthony Pacitto vs. Fire Cat
Shaya Shabo vs. Dan Freitas
Internet Television Tapings
March 15, 2008
Slamtech Wrestling University - Pawtucket, RI
Clip O'Reilly vs. Mike Lynch
"Prime Time" Anthony Pacitto vs. Rocco Abruzzi
Craig Trace & Loco vs. Afterburn (Ray Diamond & PC Cruz)
Troll vs. Kongo
Wild Boys (Mike Lynch & Billy King)
Simultensity (Rob "The Giant" Araujo & Ian Conley)
Ivanoff vs. Guy Alexander
Clip O'Reilly vs. Owen Graichen

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