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Chaotic Wrestling "Night Of Chaos 2012"

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September 29, 2012 (Littleton Opera House - Littleton, NH)
Ring Announcer: Rich Palladino
Commentators: Rich Palladino & "The Leet Geek" Simon Gregory
Referees: Dan Tanaka, Mike Crockett and Tony S.
Ladder Match for the CW New England Championship:
Julian Starr vs. CW New England Champion "The Chaotic Idol" Matt Taven
10 Team Rumble Match for the CW Tag Team Championship:
The Monarchy ("Royalty" William King & "The French Canadian Megastar" Zachary Pierre Beaulieu), Blazing Saddles (West Coast Cowboy & East Coast Cowboy), C.R.A.P., "The Scene" Scott Reed & Elia Markopoulos, CW Tag Team Champions Matt Logan & Bryan Logan, "The Playboy" Jimmy James & Adrianna, Psycho & Veda Scott, Christian Angers & (Security Man) Pat, "The Sure Thing" Mark Shurman & "That Guy" Scotty Slade and Double Dragon ("Head Of Security" Tony Omega & "The Western Dragon" Wesley Thomas)
Mixed Tag Team Match:
"The Playboy" Jimmy James & Adrianna vs. Psycho & Veda Scott
No Disqualification Match for the CW Heavyweight Championship:
"The Supreme Talent" Sean Burke (with Chaotic Wrestling Management & "The Manager Of Champions" Sean Gorman)
CW Heavyweight Champion "The Firebrand" Brian Fury
Lumberjack Match:
"The Golden Greek" Alex Arion vs. "The Kingpin" Brian Milonas
Littleton Street Fight:
Chase Del Monte (with Chase's Reinforcements And Protection) vs. "The Manliest Man" Biff Busick

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