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April 2006

April 1, 2006 (Top Rope Arena - New Bedford, MA)
  • The Kreeper def. Billy Warhawk
  • Huey McGraw def. Stockade
  • "Heavenly" Johnny Angel def. "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni
  • TRP Heavyweight Championship:
    "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet def. "Sweet" Scott Ashworth to become the new Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion
April 15, 2006 (North End Training Facility - North Oxford, MA)
  • Huey McGraw & Freightrain def. “H2O” Ryan Waters & TRP Interstate Champion “Nightmare” Nick Steel
  • “Bad” Leroy Brown def. “Heavenly” Johnny Angel
  • Iron Eagle def. Hector
  • NEP Television Championship:
    Fatty Pimp Daddy def. "Retro" Donnie Rotten via disqualfication
    (Miss Christine struck Fatty Pimp Daddy with the NEP Television Championship belt); "Retro" Donnie Rotten remains NEP Television Champion

“Extreme Fight Night”

April 21, 2006 (Police Athletic League Hall - Fall River, MA)
  • "Lumberjack" Rick Fuller def. The Widowmaker (4:42)
  • Freightrain def. Master Flash

Universal Championship Wrestling

April 22, 2006 (Knights Of Columbus - Leominster, MA)
  • Leon Matthews def. The Phoenix
  • "The Punisher" Don Vega def. Freightrain

Atlas Championship Wrestling

April 23, 2006 (Club Texas - Lewiston, ME)
  • Six Man Tag Team Match:
    Paul Hudson, "Boston Bad Boy" Jason Rumble and Kid TNT def. "Too Fit" Eric Atlas, Christian Redinger and The Phoenix
  • “The Heartstopper” Chase San Antone & The Tank def. Freightrain & Leon Matthews
  • Big Islanders def. Vachon Brothers
    (Vachon Brothers originally won the match after Pierre "The Beast" Vachon gained the victory by striking KaHoku in the throat with a foreign object behind the back of referee Tony S. However, after raising the Vachon Brothers' hands as the winners, the foreign object dropped to the canvas. Tony S. picked it up, restarted the match and after an elbow drop and a big splash, Makua picked up the win for his team.)
April 27, 2006 (VFW Hall - Old Town, ME)
  • Robbie Ellis def. The Phoenix
  • "Too Fit" Eric Atlas def. "Killer" Kyle Krup
April 28, 2006 (Seabrook Recreation Center - Seabrook, NH)
  • "Lumberjack" Rick Fuller def. Freightrain
  • TRP Heavyweight Championship:
    "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet def. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel to retain the Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship

April 29, 2006 (Middleboro High School - Middleboro, MA)

  • TRP Referee Tony S. def. “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni
    (This match was originally scheduled as “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni against Doink The Clown. During the course of this match, Giovanni shoved TRP referee Tony S. who in kind, retaliated, and in a fit of rage, Tony S. took off his uniform and challenged Giovanni. Gino, confused, thought the match with himself and Doink (who had Tony’s referee shirt on) was still in progress. Tony then rolled up Gino Giovanni and Doink The Clown counted “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni’s sholders down for a count of three.)
  • Vain & TRP Interstate Champion “Nightmare” Nick Steel def. The Stroke
  • TRP Heavyweight Championship:
    "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet def. "Heavenly" Johnny Angel to retain the Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Championship

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