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September 2006

"End Of Summer Showdown"
September 2, 2006 (Top Rope Arena - New Bedford, MA)
  • TRP Interstate Championship:
    "Nightmare" Nick Steel def. Freightrain via submission (Katahajame) to retain the TRP Interstate Championship
  • Vain def. Joe Chece via submission (Crossface)
  • Midget Match:
    Tiny The Terrible def. Half Nelson
  • Rick Fuller def. Moondog Baron
  • Romeo Roselli def. BK Jordan
  • Walter “Killer” Kowalski def. “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni via submission (Stomach claw)
    Steel Cage Match:
    "LSD" Matt Hyson def. "The Epic" Mike Bennett
September 23, 2006 (Worcester Armory - Worcester, MA)
  • Triple Threat Match, NEP Cruiserweight Championship:
    No contest
    (Interference from Men Of Business (Jimmy "Jact" Cash & Danny Jaxx); Bones remains NEP Cruiserweight Champion)
  • Angel & Iron Eagle def. Nero & Maniac Martin
  • King Kong Bundy def. The Outpatient
  • Slyck Wagner Brown def. Texas Outlaw
    Heart Throbs def. Men Of Business
25th Anniversary Mega Event
September 29, 2006 (Police Athletic League Hall - Fall River, MA)
  • Mixed Tag Team Match:
    Lexus & Huey McGraw def. Luscious Latasha & TRP Tag Team Champion Big Daddy Bravo
  • Nick Logan def. Brickhouse Baker
  • Six Man Tag Team Match:
    Team Top Rope Promotions def. Team National Ring Grapplers
  • Legends' Lumberjack Match:
    Tito Santana & "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka are declared co-victors when the lumberjacks brawled in and around the ring which caused a double disqualification.
    Loser Leaves Town Tables, Ladders And Chairs Steel Cage Match:

    "LSD" Matt Hyson def. "The Epic" Mike Bennett

September 30, 2006 (Turn Hall - Adams, MA)

  • “Heavenly” Johnny Angel def. Vain
  • TRP referee Tony S. def. Freightrain
    (This match was originally scheduled as Freightrain against Doink The Clown. During the course of this match, Freightrain shoved TRP referee Tony S. who in kind, retaliated, and in a fit of rage, Tony S. took off his uniform and challenged Freightrain. Freightrain put al of is attention on Tony S. and not Doink (who had Tony’s referee shirt on), as the match was still in progress. Then after a heated shoving match, Tony pushed Freightrain who fell back onto the canvas after Doink The Clown tripped Freightrain, hooked Freightrain’s legs and Doink The Clown counted his shoulders down for a count of three.)
  • TRP Heavyweight Championship:
    Rick Fuller def. "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet via disqualification
    (Jay Jaillet struck referee Zach Carter); "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet remains Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion
  • Tag Team Table Match:
    Marc Tetlow & Mike Smith def. Crazy Mexican I & Crazy Mexican II
    Adams Street Fight:

    TRP Tag Team Champion "Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards def. "LSD" Matt Hyson

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