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September 2007

September 2, 2007 (Outdoor World Sturbridge Camp - Sturbridge, MA)
  • Alden Brothers def. Brohammer Jones & Mikko
  • “White Lion” Jim Tanner def. “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni
    (Also, TRP referee Tony S. def. “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni as this match was originally scheduled as “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni against “White Lion” Jim Tanner and during the course of this match, Giovanni shoved and actually spit in the face of TRP referee Tony S. Later on, another shoving match between the two ensued and Tony S. retaliated and in a fit of rage, took off his uniform and challenged Giovanni. Gino, confused, thought the match with himself and Jim Tanner (who had Tony’s referee shirt on) was still in progress. Gino Giovanni attempted to clothesline Tony in the corner, in which Tony ducked and rolled up Gino Giovanni in a school boy and Jim Tanner counted “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni’s shoulders down for a count of three.)
    Sturbridge Street Fight:

    Spike Dudley def. "Ladies Man" Gregory Edwards
September 22, 2007 (North End Training Facility - North Oxford, MA)
  • 20 Person Battle Royal:
    Fatty Pimp Daddy wins the 20 Person Battle Royal, last eliminating Iron Eagle
  • Rick Fuller def. Vain
  • The Phoenix def. Iron Eagle
  • Leon Matthews def. “White Lion” Jim Tanner
  • NEP Tag Team Championship:
    Alden Brothers def. Southern Extreme via disqualification ("The Widowmaker" Eric Shred striking Eric Alden with a chair) to become the new NEP Tag Team Champions
    (Note: Eric Shred did not actually hit Eric Alden with a chair, however, Tony S. turned around and saw Eric Alden on the canvas with Shred holding the chair and rang the bell signaling for a disqualification.)
  • Triple Threat Match:
    Luscious Latasha def. Lea Morrison & Barbie
  • Freightrain def. "Dangerous" Donnie Rotten via disqualification
    (After "Hollywood" Johnny Nash aided "Dangerous" Donnie Rotten in a pinfall victory over Freightrain, UFC Mixed Martial Arts Fighter "El Conquistador" Jorge Rivera informed Tony S. of the activity that went on behind his back and reversed his decision.)
    "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka def. Fatty Pimp Daddy
September 22, 2007 (Worcester Armory - Worcester, MA)
    "Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe def. Jimmy "Jact" Cash via disqualification
    (Interference of Paul E. Normus)
"September Blitz"
September 29, 2007 (Moose Lodge At Attleboro Family Center - Attleboro, MA)
  • Doug Summers def. “Magnificent” Marc Allen via disqualification
    (After Mr. TA aided “Magnificent” Marc Allen in a pinfall victory over Doug Summers, NWW Commissioner Steve Burgundy informed Tony S. of the activity that went on behind his back (Marc Allen struck Summers with Mr. TA’s steel chain) and reversed his decision.)
  • Cameron Matthews def. The Phoenix
  • Dog Collar Match:
    No contest ("Bionic" Dan Bidondi & Mr. TA released themselves from their dog collars.)
    Pierre "The Beast" Vachon def. Grimes

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