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TRP Off The Top Rope Internet TV (Episode 9)
Check out this full episode of Top Rope Promotions Internet Television.

Off The Top Rope Internet TV (Episode 9)
Hosted By: Alex Payne & Shane Matthews
  • TRP Tag Team Champions Dream Team
    (Mike Bennett & Bryce Andrews with Grayson Alexander)
    Alden Brothers (Shane Alden & Eric Alden)
  • "Hot Shot" BK Jordan vs. Freightrain
    "Psycho" Mike Sain & Big Daddy Bravo
    Vain & "Heavenly" Johnny Angel
    (The winner of the fall will become the number one contender to the TRP Interstate Championship.)
Also, you'll see how Mike Bennett, Grayson Alexander and Bryce Andrews conspired to gain the TRP Tag Team Championship at January's Spindle City Rumble, an interview with Top Rope Promotions Heavyweight Champion "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet concerning his upcoming championship match with Jerry Lynn on March 9th, the event at Spindle City Rumble that lead up to this week's match between Freightrain & "Hot Shot" BK Jordan, plus, the updated card for this Friday's event in at the PAL Hall in Fall River.

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