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MWF Ultra (March 2008)
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Ultra (March 2008)
Hosted By: Dan Mirade
  • Casket Match:
    Makua & "The Executioner" Brian Milonas vs. "Big" Rick Fuller & Smash with Bull Montana
    (Whoever successfully puts an opponent in the casket will face "Sin City Saint" Todd Hanson for the MWF Heavyweight Championship at Night Of Champions.)
  • "Biggest Of Them All" Benny Jux vs. "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge
  • Jimmy "Jact" Cash vs. "Nicest Wrestler Ever" Mike Nice
    Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Tiger Milligan
    (If Tiger Mulligan loses, he will never face "Sin City Saint" Todd Hanson for the MWF Heavyweight Championship as long as Hanson is champion.)

In a Casket Match, Rick Fuller & Demolition Smash (with Bull Montana) take on Ox Baker's Executioner Brian Milonas & Islander Makua. In a twist, the president declared that whoever puts the loser into the casket will earn a championship match with Todd Hanson at MWF Night Of Champions in June! All four want Hanson's title...will partners be able to trust each other? In the second half of the double main event, two-time WWE Tag Team Champion Scotty 2 Hotty makes his MWF debut against the first champion in MWF history, Tiger Mulligan, who has continued to lobby the president and Commissioner Von Johnson for another championship match against Todd Hanson and Cena Sr. laid it on the line - if you beat Scotty, the shot is yours...lose, you never get a shot against Hanson again. Also, Benny Jux looks to continue his winning ways against "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge.

Mike Nice is in search of his first win when he faces Jimmy "Jact" Cash of The Uprising.  Dan Mirade previews MWF Live Free Or Die & Night Of Champions, and much more!  Check your local listings and look for it on soon!

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