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MWF Xtra: The John Cena, Sr. Show (March 2008)
Check out this full episode of Millennium Wrestling Federation Internet Television.

Xtra: The John Cena, Sr. Show (March 2008)
Hosted By: Dan Mirade, MWF President John Cena, Sr. and MWF Commissioner Brad Von Johnson
  • "Hawaiian Warrior" Makua vs. Psycho
The March 2008 edition of the long awaited MWF Xtra: The John Cena, Sr. Show is now online! An hour of craziness, news and discussion is headed your way. The MWF President is joined by Dan Mirade as they take an in-depth look at the latest happenings and big events in the Millennium Wrestling Federation. We look at the 2007 MWF Award winners and recap Ultra. In-ring, Psycho returns to the MWF to battle Islander Makua of Ox Baker's Army. Karl Lauer of the Cauliflower Alley Club joins us for a special interview as the CAC prepares for it's 43rd reunion in Las Vegas this June. Mr. Cena has Commissioner Von Johnson working on a huge surprise for the fans, WrestleMania predictions and more!

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