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EPW Challenge (Volume 2, Episode 26)
Check out this full episode of Eastern Pro Wrestling Internet Television.

(Volume 2, Episode 26)
Commentators: Luis Vazquez & Tony S.
  • Mike Universe vs. Brian Nunes
  • Canadian Destroyer & Fire Cat vs. Simultensity (Rob "The Giant" Arujao & Ian Conley
    "Brutal" Bob Evans vs. Nick Westgate
Also, we hear from Afterburn as they get ready for their match with the Winter Hill Gang this Friday in Fall River, a post-match locker room look at Simultensity and in the EPW Challenge Rewind, we look back at last week's altercation between "Brutal" Bob Evans & Nick Westgate that leads into this week's main event and the final countdown to the biggest event in EPW history, "EPW vs. The World" on  this Friday, April 4 in Fall River as well as April 5 in the Plainfield Town Hall in Plainfield, CT.

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