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Here are DVD's that you can purchase from Women Superstars Uncensored.
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WSU "Amazing: The Best Of Awesome Kong In WSU"
WSU Best Of 2008
Hosted by WSU commentator Sean Hanson, relive WSU's wildest and best moments; featuring excellent matches and all the big stars!"
WSU "Dawn Of A New Day" (March 8, 2008 - Lake Hiawatha, NJ)
On March 8th, 2008, WSU presented "Dawn Of A New Day" featuring the top female wrestlers today! In the biggest match in WSU history, Amy Lee vs. Awesome Kong destroyed each other in a bloody and barbaric brawl. Relive one of the best WSU shows in history.
WSU First Anniversary Show (March 8, 2008 - Lake Hiawatha, NJ)
WSU celebrated its first birthday on March 8th with our most star-studded line-up yet! Come relive one of the most exciting, hard hitting and best shows in WSU history as WSU presents the First Anniversary Show.

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