Here's a detailed breakdown of my career to date with this resume.

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General Information
  • From: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Age: 28   Height: 6'2"
  • Debut: November 5, 2005; North Oxford, Massachusetts
    • South Coast Championship Wrestling & Yankee Pro Wrestling
  • North End Training Facility (North Oxford, Massachusetts; 2005-2006)
    Trained by "The Widowmaker" Eric Shred, Freightrain and "Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet

  1. Jerry Lynn
    Thursday, March 8, 2007; Fall River, Massachusetts (Top Rope Promotions)
  2. Terry Taylor
    Saturday, June 23, 2007; Fall River, Massachusetts (Top Rope Promotions)
  3. Delirious
    Saturday, April 30, 2011; Fall River, Massachusetts
Promotions Worked For (In Chronological Order)
  1. Yankee Pro Wrestling (Now known as Top Rope Promotions) (Massachusetts; November-December 2005)
    Owner/Promoter: Steve Ricard
  2. South Coast Championship Wrestling (Now known as Top Rope Promotions) (Massachusetts; November-December 2005)
    Owner/Promoter: Steve Ricard
  3. Top Rope Promotions (Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire; November 2005-March 2008, July 2009, November 2009-December 2010)
    Owner/Promoter: Steve Ricard
    TRP Television Play-By-Play/Color Commentator (as "Marc Daniels"), Referee and Former Senior Official
  4. Powerhouse Wrestling (Massachusetts; February 2006-February 2012)
    Owner/Promoter: Chris Setaro
    Site Webmaster, Play By Play Commentator for Powerhouse Wrestling Internet Television (as "Marc Daniels"), Referee and Former Senior Official
  5. North End Promotions (Massachusetts; 2006-2007)
    Owner/Promoter: Jason Jaillet (also known as "Kidd U.S.A./Mass Appeal" Jay Jaillet)
    Site Webmaster, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Senior Official
  6. Universal Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2006)
    Owner/Promoter: Burt Centeno
  7. Atlas Championship Wrestling (Maine; 2006)
    Owner/Promoter: "Mr. U.S.A." Tony Atlas
    Referee; 2006
  8. New Wrestling Horizons (Previously known as NWH/AWA North Atlantic, now known as North American Wrestling Association) (Maine; 2006)
  9. New World Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2006-2009)
    Referee & Former Senior Official
  10. East Coast Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2006)
    Owner/Promoter: Johnny Nash
  11. World Wrestling Alliance (Now known as World Wrestling Stars) (Massachusetts; 2007)
    Owner/Promoter: Mike Sparta
  12. Northeast Championship Wrestling (Connecticut & Rhode Island; 2007)
  13. Showcase Pro Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2007)
    Owner/Promoter: Chris Blackheart
  14. Millennium Wrestling Federation (Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire; August 2007- Current)
    Owner/Promoter: Dan Mirade
    Website Coordinator/Designer, Executive Vice President of Internet Production, Color Analyst for Internet Television as "Marc Daniels & Greg A. Parker", Referee and Current Senior Official
  15. Eastern Pro Wrestling (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont; March 1, 2008 - May 14, 2011)
    Owner/Promoter: "Brutal" Bob Evans
    Ring Announcer, Color Commentator for EPW Challenge, Play By Play Commentator for EPW DVD Release (EPW Vindikation 3 as "Marc Daniels"), Referee and Former Interim Senior Official
  16. Women Superstars Uncensored (New Jersey; March 2008, August 2013 - Current)
    Referee & Current Senior Official
  17. Ring Of Honor (Connecticut & Massachusetts; April 4 & October 24, 2008)
    Booker: Gabe Sapolsky
  18. American Grand Prix Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2008)
    Ring Announcer & Referee
  19. North Shore Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2009)
    Owner/Promoter: Atlee Greene
  20. Alliance Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2009)
    Owner/Promoter: Dave Oliviera
  21. Chaotic Wrestling (Massachusetts & New Hampshire; July 13 & August 11, 2010, March 4, 2011 - Current)
    Owners/Promoters: Mark Beaudry & Jamie Jamitowski
    Interim Website Graphic Designer, Referee
  22. New England Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts; September 25, 2010)
    Owner/Promoter: Sheldon Goldberg
  23. Dragon Gate USA (Massachusetts; October 29, 2010, June 3, 2011, November 2, 2012)
    Promoter: Gabe Sapolsky
  24. Lucky Pro Wrestling (Massachusetts; 2013 - Current)
    Promoter: Jim Burgoyne & Chris Sullivan
    Play-By-Play/Color Commentator (as "Marc Daniels"); Interim Graphic Designer, Referee and Current Senior Official

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